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Solar Driers

Roof integrated SOLSEN Solar hot air generators are being used to dry numerous crops and industrial products. Commercial drying operations can displace fossil fuels used in most driers by introducing Solsen solar air heating panels as a primary heater or pre heater. Solar drying will not burn or harm many delicate foods which may happen with steam heated or fossil fuel heated air.


  • No loss of vitamins
  • Hygienic, uniform, Complete and effective drying
  • No loss of vitamins
  • Cost effective and maintenance free
  • System life more than 25 Years
  • Pay back within 2 to 3 years
  • Value added Product
  • Reduced drying period


  • Spices Drying
  • Fruits and vegetables Dehydration
  • Pulses Drying
  • Paddy Drying
  • Marine Foods Drying
  • Timber Seasoning
  • Leather Drying
  • Chemical Drying
  • Fabric Drying
  • Medicinal Plant Drying